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    Our goal is to provide a safe, sustainable environment where children feel free to explore, discover and create.  We will encourage children to explore their world, to develop independence, to have respect for all living things and have a positive image of themselves and others.

Director’s Backgrounds

Megan Bennett received her B.A. in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento in 2007. She has been working with children since 1995. Megan’s experience includes 5 years at a in home child care center, 2 years at the 4-H after school program, 4 years as a teacher in a preschool program and 5 years as a nanny. Megan’s love for children has been the driving force for her life long goal to run a quality childcare program.

The Hours and Days of Operation

Monday-Friday from 7:00-5:30.

Preschool Program 8:30-12:00

Daily Schedule & Routines

Daily Routine

A consistent routine provides children with a safe, predictable environment important for developing a sense of trust, security and control over their environment. The consistency of a daily routine helps children with the separation from their parents into the childcare environment. The key is consistency.

We want your child’s first childcare experience to be a positive one. Separation anxiety is a normal and healthy part of development. The tour is done to help ease the separation. In addition you may bring a favorite stuffed animal or picture of your family to remind your child of your return.

Please feel free to communicate with us if you have any questions about how your child is doing when in our care.



  1. Two snacks, breakfast and Lunch will be served. The meals will be nutritious. We will strive to have it be organic and sustainable as much as possible

  2. For children eating baby food we ask that the parents provide it. We ask that the food be nutritious.

  3. No gum, candy, chips, cookies or other snacks may be brought to childcare, unless there are special circumstances.


Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule consists of:

  1. Circle time, which includes music, movement, and stories.

  2. Explore time, which is a time when children are free to move about the playroom and choose activities they are interested in. During this time art, blocks, the nature table, dramatic play and manipulative are available to the children.

  3. Nature Walks

  4. Outside time, which includes movement, art, gardening, chicken observation and a play structure.

  5. Snack time, which is always nutritious. We strive to be organic, and sustainable whenever possible.

  6. Small group time, which includes cooking projects, stories, gardening and manipulative projects.

  7. Preschool program for children 2 years and up. We work to teach the children everything they will need to succeed in school. We base the program on the California standards for kindergarten so the children will be more than ready to enter school. 

  8. With infant and toddlers we will be doing baby signs through out the day.

  9. We have a TV in the living room, however it will not be turned on during childcare hours. We believe that TV should not be a part of the children’s day.

  10. (Note that our daily schedule will be modified to be age appropriate to all children in our care)


Holiday Closures

The following is our paid holiday schedule:    

  1. President’s Day         

  2. Independence Day

  3. Labor Day

  4. Veteran’s Day

  5. Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday/Friday)

  6. Christmas Day/Christmas Eve

  7. New Year’s Eve Day/New Year’s Day

Licensing Regulations

We are licensed by the Department of Social Services. The license is posted at our location.  The Department of Social Services requires us to inform you that they have the authority to view the records of the children and staff and interview the children and staff when they feel necessary without prior consent from parents.


Admission Requirements


  Parent and child are asked to come spend time together at the site during operation hours to become better acquainted.

State Required Forms (must be on file before child’s first day)

1.  Enrollment & Tuition Agreement: Which includes the registration fee

2. Identification and emergency information (must be updated when change occurs)

3. Notification of Parent’s Rights

4. Personal Rights Form

5. Consent for emergency medical treatment 

6. Immunization Record

9. Special Needs/ Services form (If applicable)

10. Food allergies and Special Diet log (If applicable)

11. Acknowledgement of Receipts of Parent handbook & agreement of enrollment terms and conditions.


Enrollment & Fees

Registration Fees

            A registration fee of $100 is due before your child starts the program. This holds the spot for your child and goes towards supplies. Supplies include art materials, nap matts, pack’n plays, baby wipes etc... 


Monthly Tuition

  1. A $100 non-refundable registration fee is due upon enrollment. This guarantees your child’s spot and helps pay for materials.

  2. Payments will be made in advance of care.

  3. Payments may be made weekly, twice a month or once a month but must be paid in full by the 1st of the month prier to care.

  4. $30.00 will be charged for each returned check.

  5. Operating hours are from 7:00 – 5:30 Monday- Friday except holidays.

  6. A late fee of $1 a minute will be applied to your account when late.

  7. We will close for two week a year besides holidays. Exact dates will be announced at least two months in advance.

See director for tuition fees.

Schedule Change

If you would like to change your child’s schedule please notify us two weeks before the change. If we have the space available we will be happy to change your schedule for you. 

Tuition Increases

In order to continue to provide quality care it may be necessary to increase tuition. You will be given 2 months notice if tuition changes.



There is no decrease in tuition for absences, illness or closures throughout the year.  

Late Pick-Up Fee

A late fee will be charged if you do not pick your child up by 5:30.  $1 per minute will be applied to you next bill.


Notification of Withdrawal

We ask that you provide us with two weeks notice if you decide to withdrawal your child. Two weeks’ fee will be accepted in lieu of the two weeks’ notice.


Arrival & Departure Procedure 


Choosing a consistent and predictable routine each morning will help your child with separation. Please help your child to engage in the activity and always say goodbye when leaving. If you notice that your child is reluctant, please talk to us about possible solutions. Talk with your child about what to expect and then practice the routine. It is important that you follow through so that your child will come to trust the routine. Over time, your child will become more confident in the routine and feel secure and safe in your absence.



Open communication is the key to a happy, long lasting relationship between a childcare provider and her childcare families. Please do not hesitate to contact me about anything that affects the well-being of your child.


Person’s Authorized to Pick Up Child

We will not allow your child to go with anyone other than the people listed on your forms. A photo ID is required to pick up a child. Please let us know ahead of time if someone different is picking up your child.


Personal Care Routines

Hand washing, diapering, sanitizing and laundering

  1. Childcare staff & Children will wash hands throughout the day especially before eating and after using the bathroom.

  2. Children in diapers will be changed regularly and immediately after bowel movements. The diapering area will be kept clean and sanitary.

  3. We will use non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products to clean.

  4. Bedding will be laundered as needed or once a week.

  5. Bottles and nipples will be hand washed.




Please bring a full change of clothes for your child. It can be left at the site in order to have a change of clothes if your child needs it.

  1. Please dress your child in comfortable clothes that can get dirty.

  2. Appropriate clothing is a must. Jackets & rain boots in the winter. Cool clothes & sandals in the summer.  No flip flops please.

Illness Policy


Please notify us if your child has contracted a communicable disease. Children may not return to childcare until their temperature has been normal for at least 24 hours. A child with symptoms of illness will not be able to attend.


The following is a list of symptoms that should keep children away from childcare:

  1. A fever of 100 degrees

  2. Signs of a newly developing cold

  3. Diarrhea, vomiting, or an upset stomach

  4. Unusual or unexplained loss of appetite

  5. Any discharge or drainage from eyes, nose, ears or open sores.

  6. Signs of a communicable disease such as ringworm, impetigo, head lice, conjunctivitis (Pink eye), chicken pox, measles.

  7. Inability to participate in program.




Accidents and Emergencies

We are trained in first aid, pediatric CPR and health & safety.

Emergency Contact Information

            At least one person on your child’s emergency information form should be available to pick up your child within an hour in case of an emergency.


Fire Safety

            Fire drills are held every month and children are taught what to do in case of a fire.


Walking Field Trip

             We go on nature walks daily, weather permitting.


We have pets on site. The pets will never be left alone with the children. If there is an allergy to pets we will try to make an effort to keep the pets away from that child. The site is kept clean so hair and dander should not be a problem. We have chickens and on occasion the children will help care for them and collect the eggs.



  1. Children are discouraged from bringing their own toys, and we are not responsible for any that are broken or lost. Security blankets and/or pacifiers are welcome.

  2. No smoking is allowed on the premises at any time.

  3. Parents are free to call and stop by anytime during business hours. If we are busy with the children, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



 Contact me for further information 916-768-0328